Split Lip Rayfield



From the blood-red heart of Kansas, Split Lip Rayfield is going stronger than ever.


It's completely fair to call these guys legends. It's been more than two decades since they first mashed up their

aggressive stew of acoustic bluegrass instrumentation, tight country vocals, fierce metal shred and in-your-face

punk sensibilities. One observer said we all "owe them a huge debt for not only defining a sound, but stretching

the possibilities of the acoustic music world. Fans of Flatt & Scruggs and Metallica could find a common tent to

party under."


So yeah, they virtually invented "thrashgrass." But

then they kept right on moving as their chops, songs

and selves grew stronger from hard-won experience.

Following the 2007 death of their beloved bandmate and

founder Kirk Rundstrom, SLR reinvented itself by simple

staying the course and continuing to play hundreds of

shows -- and there are hundreds more to go.

Their new material highlights the powerful songwriting

talents of banjo innovator Eric Mardis and mandolin

renegade Wayne Gottstine, while bassist Jeff Eaton

holds it all down with his hand-built one-string



All of that old-school invention and energy is intact, and they still stomp the living hell out of a stage. But their

songs keep getting better, and their sound is sneakier and smarter than ever. “Split Lip Rayfield is still the same

band with the same ideals that we've had for years," said

Gottstine. "But we’re more diverse, sound-wise, than we

have ever been before.”


Their fans know this: Split Lip Rayfield truly delivers.

Every record is a revelation, and every concert is an

unforgettable experience. Don’t miss these guys.